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All of these projects (except the last one, see below) are loosely based this Concept Note. Any of them can be done at any level of postgraduate study, e.g. Honours class project, Honours, MSc, PhD and/or post-doctoral studies. For an Honours project, we strongly recommend taking Honours Computing & Society course which we give 1st semester to get familiar with the human/community-centred tools needed to tackle any human/community-centred project. For M, P and post-doc, we strongly recommend coming to (us and) the project with strong HCI and ICT4D skills; and if not, acquire them by TA'ing the C&S course (there's nothing like teaching to learn).

All of them involve mapping out a plan, a thorough book study (literature review) to see what's out there, some kind of research question or target; methods to answer that question/reach that target; data collection and analysis of that data; reflection on what's been achieved and how we got there; repeat. Yes! Repeat! Go in cycles. Iteratively increment prototypes, artefacts, whatever you want to call them (and we develop these to collect data; artefacts are not results but merely the vehicles with which we collect data and analyse them to yield results); all the while including end-users/partners/stakeholders in the entire process. Go read up on community-based co-design (and participatory design and methods), and stick the prefix "co-" before every concept you learned in every other CS course: plan, design, implement, document, test, evaluate, reflect, . . . Repeat. Oh gosh, here it is people; all spelled out for you: i-n-c-r-e-m-e-n-t-a-l i-t-e-r-a-t-i-o-n. Are we not Geek? Well, let's take it Next Level and actually build stuff people actually want, need and will use - together with those self-same people! 'We' are the Experts of tech, right? 'They' are the Experts of what 'they' need for their livelihood, right? Why bother Othering? Let's get over that and do stuff together!

Essentially the differences of depth and expected outputs between various levels of study are as follows:

- Honours iteratively and incrementally produce a hopefully publishable-at-a-local-conference paper along with presentation & demo;

- MScs iteratively and incrementally produce a couple pubs (each with paper, presentation w/demo), perhaps one local and another international; and a 60 page (max!) research thesis (with defense), and if well done, a journal article summarising the thesis (after factoring examiner comments and defense feedback/questions into that thesis);

- PhDs need to up the game Next Level and make a contribution (this is a Big Deal) with international conference proceedings papers and journal articles, a 100 page thesis (max!), again w/defense; and to reiterate: a contribution to the field of Computer Science! (these tend toward the methodological, conceptual, algorithmic, etc.); and should be able to attract funding in order to do so; and finally,

- post-docs hit the ground running having "been there done, that" already, and just continue to do more of the same; including but not limited to academic duties, project management, admin, writing funding grants, spin-offs, etc.

Actual Projects !

Co-production of localised SDN interfaces with rural community networks stakeholders

Co-production of 4-tiered self-support with rural community networks stakeholders

Co-production of SignSupport authoring tool for Deaf community stakeholders

Co-production SignSupport rich media contact centre for Deaf community stakeholders

Co-proudction of rural farming generalised platform (IoT and HCI) with community stakeholders

Co-production of educational resources with remote SAN community stakeholders

Co-production of programming language APIs with ??? community stakeholders

new project with Dept of Linguistics via Data School

Last update: 2023-02-08
Created: 2022-04-27