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I am an American African, having lived and worked in South African higher education for almost 25 years. My passion is leveraging the tech of Computer Science for, with and by poor disadvantaged communities, i.e. socio-techno activism aka research. Think Global, Act Local. And Local is Lekker! Imo, tech is merely a tool; not a solution. In reality, Tech is easy; People are tough. That intersection, that interface between the two is even tougher. Do you like tough, too? We do. Mostly, we’ve worked on two projects that grew out from my own PhD at UCT completed back in 2009: Zenzeleni and SignSupport; spending many years (23!) at UWC (co)supervising postgrads to take it further than I ever could on my own. Now at Stellenbosch, paying it forward, to and with local positive deviants, e.g. students, communities, partners and peers, is the most rewarding thing one can do. So let’s Walk Together/Loop Saam/Hambani Kunye!


PhD Computer Science, University of Cape Town
MS Computer Science, Arizona State University
BA Sociology and Business Administration double major + Computer Science minor, Trinity University

Contact Information

Computer Science Division
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Office A522
5th floor, Engineering Bldg
corner of Banhoek & Joubert
Stellenbosch University

Tel: +27 082 494 8884 Signal preferred, WhatsApp is ok, too.
E-mail: btucker can be emailed at